Technical Service about Computers and Technology. 1Energy1 solves your computer problems, including periodic maintenance, virus decontamination, technical advice, LAN installation, configuring routers, hard drive data recovery. We know the peace of mind of work on a well behavior PC, our Technical Services and Computer Repair is the solution. Reasons to Hire 1Energy1’s Technical Service and Repair Computers: Our priority is to provide a quality service. We are technically trained to address your computer problems. Most companies can not afford a computer service department because the high costs of staff. We do our best in each service, addressing the concerns of our customers. We are honest and don't charge unnecessary hours in our services. Main causes of failures in the computer: Defects in any component of the computer. Power supply problems. Virus, spyware, trojans or any malware. Misuse of the computer, user errors.
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